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How this works
Your computer will be fixed using the highly secured TeamViewer remote support tool. You do not need to leave your home or bring your computer into a store. It is however recommend that you remain available while your computer is being fixed.

Click the TeamView button on the Home page to download the TeamViewer remote support tool, then call 952 856 0206 for immediate support ...

Once your computer is fixed, all access via the TeamViewer tool is completely disabled and nothing is stored locally on your computer, and that is until the next time you need assistance i.e. starting the TeamViewer tool again.

What's needed

  • reasonably new computer running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10 or newer

  • reasonably new computer running macOS 10.12 Sierra or newer

  • reliable broadband Internet connection (DSL or Cable)

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